Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Little Feet

Little feet, you fascinate me. With your chubby dimples and wiggly toes. You start off so tiny, so fragile and small, yet full of potential.

Often playing second best to little hands but you are just as important. Where will you go? Will you follow or lead? Will you take the road less traveled? There are many adventures in your future. Someday you will climb mountains, wander through cities, traverse deserts and fields. You can accomplish great things. But for now you will grow.

Toddle about and splash in puddles. Stomp and slap out a staccato rhythm on the floors. Wriggle and squirm. Yes you will get dirty and stinky. Sometimes you will get hurt by stepping on the wrong things. Inevitably, there will be a misstep, a turn down the wrong path. Know that I will be here to help you turn around. I pray that you will always walk in our Lord's purpose. And I hope that no matter where you roam you will always return home. Don't grow too fast. Stay little, little feet.

Joshua 1:3
I will give you every place where you set your foot