The Cast of Characters

be.tha.ny    noun
full definition of BETHANY
: wife and mommy, lover of adventure, dreamer of impossible dreams, baker of scrumptious treats, somewhat hippy-crunchy, nerd.
examples of BETHANY
: If you ever need someone to organize a closet, Bethany is your gal.
: Bethany knew she would regret eating that second piece of pie but she did it anyway. YOLO.
synonyms of BETHANY
: Beth, Beffy Grotner, Mo-MEEEEE!

zac.ha.ry   noun
full definition of ZACHARY
: husband and dad, soldier, handyman, exterminator of large scary bugs, trekkie, loud.
examples of ZACHARY
: All hurt and abandoned animals flock to Zachary because they can sense his bleeding heart.
: Zachary used to be a chimney sweep like Burt from Mary Poppins. Seriously.
synonyms of ZACHARY
: Zach, Wackweed, Da-DEEEEE!

ro.ry  noun
definitions of RORY
: toddler, tornado, big brother, bookworm, louder.
examples of RORY
: Not pausing to consider the risks, Rory jumped off the window ledge shrieking with glee.
: “Rory take that (insert inedible object here) out of your mouth!”
: Like a moth to flame is a Rory to a puddle.
synonyms of RORY
: Roar, Buddy, Mister-Mister, Buster Brown, Turd Ferguson.

mi.lo   noun
definitions of MILO
: a small guy just starting to find his place in this big world, little brother, loudest.
examples of MILO
: Milo just sat back and watched all of the crazy unfold, biding his time.
: While he didn’t enjoy the spoon being shoved into his mouth by big brother, Milo had to admit that the yogurt was indeed quite tasty.
synonyms of MILO
: Smilo, Goober Pea, My-no.