Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long Time Coming

Here I am one busy holiday season, one non-compliant laptop, and one stomach virus later :(  I just might be the worst blogger ever but I can (and will) only get better from here :)

Anyway, here is a synopsis of my jaunt in California.  I was in the san Jose/San Fransisco area and absolutely loved it!  Here are some things that I loved the most.

 Muir Woods.  The most magical place I have ever been.  It felt like I had entered another world, I wouldn't have been surprised to see a fairy peeking out from behind a tree!

Insert gnome here, haha!  I wouldn't mind living there myself, amongst all of the majestic redwoods.

Sooooooo Magical!

It was a little rainy when we went but this made the atmosphere even more ethereal and a little bit eerie.

 Trolleys!  Way better than roller coasters in my opinion and the best way to get around San Fran.

 China Town.  I literally felt like I was in China.

We ate the best dim sum ever.  I had sticky rice with pork, pot stickers, bbq buns, and tea.  I dream of this meal every day since I've been back.

 Monterey.  Mountains + Ocean is the greatest combination!

 Palace of the Arts.  Unfortunately the palace was blocked off for construction when we were there, but it was still gorgeous!

And last but not least, the Golden Gate Bridge.  Beautiful!

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