Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hiatus and Bi-Weekly Favs

Almost 2 weeks without blogging and I have no excuse.  I just haven't felt very inspired over the past two weeks and I am still struggling with finding interesting things to blog about.  Jan-Feb have been extremely loooooong and slooooow, thus causing me to develop a wicked case of cabin fever.  This, coupled with general grumpiness, have made me rather intolerable and I want to take this moment to shout out a sincere "sorry" to whomever has been targeted by my grumpiness (cough, cough, Zach).

Today I am taking the vow to make myself find joy even in the cold and dreary months when it is all you can do to get out of bed in the morning.  I will also stop being so down on myself.  I had another job interview yesterday (which went well, fingers crossed :)  and I am waiting to hear back from them.  If I do not get the job I refuse to let it get me down and spend an entire day moping in my bed and eating carbs, like I did last time.  Instead, I will spend the day finding joy in everything that surrounds me.

Here are some small things that have brought me joy in the past 2 weeks.

Warm and cozy fires.  My house lost power on the night when the ice storm hit a couple weeks ago and luckily we already had a fire burning when it went out.  It was so peaceful to be surrounded by the flickering light of the fire and the candles we lit.  There is something about being void of technology that causes a person to sit and think, ponder and philosophize.  I really liked it.

Origami!  I rediscovered this craft a week ago and after a few failed attempts I was able to make these three lovely creations.  My favorite is the owl.

Piping hot cups of tea.  I am talking liquid fire here folks, it is the only way to stay warm in these cold temps.
Coincidentally, tea is even more delicious when served in beautiful mugs, like this one with polar bears.

Dogs that think they are human children and therefore must be snuggled in your lap when they are sleepy. 
Kipper has just entered the canine version of the terrible two's stage, she has become quite destructive.

This is Glimmfeather.  He is an Owl Warmie that I made for my sister as a Christmas gift.  What is an Owl Warmie?  They are owl creations I sew out of scraps of material and then stuff with rice.  Pop 'em in the microwave for a couple minutes and you have a cute pal to keep you toasty warm!

Soon I will be opening my own Etsy shop to sell these adorable creatures (more deets on that later).

Well that's enough for today.  I have 2 stir-crazy dogs whining by the door that need to be taken on a walk.  Time to put on three layers of clothing and venture forth into the tundra.  Luckily the forecast is predicting 50's for this coming week, WOOHOO!

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