Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tube Time

Even though I have only seen a few episodes, I am in love with Raising Hope.  What a great show!  I end up belly laughing for the full thirty minutes that it airs.

The story follows a young guy, Jimmy, who is thrust into the role of single-daddy when his "Baby Mama" is put in the slammer (sounds depressing, I know, but they put a humorous spin on it and all of the jokes are lighthearted).  Jimmy lives with his parents, Burt and Virginia, and his Maw Maw and together they raise baby Hope. 

Maw Maw is, by far, my favorite out of the bunch.  She epitomizes what I will be like if (or when) I become a crazy old lady!

I cannot describe to you how funny this show is, you've got to check it out for yourselves!

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