Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love Letters

It's hard when you are separated from a loved one, especially your husband. 

Zachary is in Missouri for the next 5 months completing his MP BOLC  and I am still in Cincinnati working and waiting.  While he is there we will only be able to see each other every few weekends. The rest of the time we will have to resort to blowing kisses over skype and typing romantic letters via yahoo messenger.

Here is the amorous conversation we had just this evening:

Zachary Vance: hi
Zachary Vance: i love you and miss you a lot

bethany: i love and miss you too
Zachary Vance: i named my worms on my worm team and two of them are Kipper and Bethany
Zachary Vance: Bethany didn't make it
Zachary Vance: .....

bethany: guess that doesn't bode well for me
Zachary Vance: worms don't do well in water

bethany: no they swell up and get soggy
Zachary Vance: lol which is what bethany worm did 

bethany: eww
bethany: but in reality i am a very good swimmer
Zachary Vance: not if you have no legs
Zachary Vance: and you wear a camo hat and aviators
Zachary Vance: lol

bethany: yeah those would weigh me down significantly
Zachary Vance: haha i wish you were here to play with me

bethany: i don't want to play games where i swell up and die.
Zachary Vance: haha
Zachary Vance: you don't actually swell up you blow up

bethany: in water?
Zachary Vance: yea lol

bethany: what makes you blow up in water?
Zachary Vance: you run out of health and BOOM!

bethany: that is completely illogical
Zachary Vance: its ok the british created it
Zachary Vance: so it must be well cultured

bethany: like yogurt?

Creepy, right?
(FYI, Zach was playing Worms the video game)

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