Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bunch of Cuddlers

We are a family of "cuddlers".  Specifically the furry members of the family. 

Kipper is the dog version of a leech.  No, not the Hirudo medicilinus (gross, wormy type creatures that suck your blood) but the more furry and less slimy Clingtoyu cuddlemuchus. This animal will attach itself to your hip 24/7 if it has its way.  Although I am her first choice as victim, she is not a picky creature.  Wherever there is a warm body, she can be found sprawling out on laps or curling up behind reclining knees.

I call this position "The Pill Bug".  Her favorite method of attack is to jump up on the couch next to her intended victim, worm her way underneath their arm, and crawl into the lap.  Sneaky, sneaky! Beware the Clingtoyu cuddlemuchus!

However, there is a more fearsome cuddly creature to behold.   The dreaded ball of fur, the Snugglewythmi!  This beast is far more dangerous because he is five times bigger than Clingtoyu cuddlemuchus and is therefore more likely to squish and suffocate his victims.  If you are able to tame the Snugglewythmi  he will forgo the squishing and content himself with laying his massive maw across your foot and drooling on your toes.

Luckily, both of these dogs are sweet as could be and their cuddling powers are hard to resist.  Yet there are times when neither Zach nor I are available to snuggle with them.  What do they do when there are no human victims?

Cuddle with each other!  No one is safe when these two are around!

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