Monday, January 12, 2015

Smoothie Week #1 Peaches 'n' Cream

Like shark week only with tasty, fruity beverages! Rory loves to have smoothies for breakfast but we often get stuck in the rut of drinking the same one every day. This week we are branching out with a new recipe each morning. We started off our Monday with a creamy dreamy yet healthy peach and oat smoothie. The Kiddo loved it, score! Here's the recipe:

The night before combine 1/2 cup quick cook oats, 1 tbsp chia seeds, and 1 cup milk (cow/almond/coconut, whatever floats your boat). Let sit overnight to soak.

In the morning place 1/2 of pre-made oat/chia mixture in blender. Add 1 banana, a handful of frozen peaches, 1/4 cup greek yogurt, 1/4 milk of choice (I used cow but feel free to use almond or coconut), and a couple teaspoons of honey to sweeten. Blend until combined. Pour in glass and enjoy! How easy was that?! Join us tomorrow for smoothie #2.

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