Thursday, November 18, 2010

And they call it puppy love.....

Hello.  My name's Kipper the Dog.  People call me Kipper the Dog.

Name that movie!  Ok so I took some liberties in changing the quote but if you are a fan of the movie then you should be able to guess it.

Anyway, this is my furry child :) I love her dearly!

Here is Kipper when she was about 2 months old.  She is now around 4 months.  Kipper is what happens when your soon-to-be In-Laws' male Sheltie and female Heinz 57 get a little twitterpated in the backyard.  She is the most redneck dog ever.  Her favorite activities are eating mass amounts of puppy chow, eating various kinds of poop found in my parents yard, eating things that aren't edible, and cuddling up on my lap to sleep. 

Kipper is now an official part of our little family and we love to play and hike with her.  She even dressed up with us to take my Lil' Sis trick 'or' treating.  Kipper and I dressed up in Mardi Gras costumes.  Zach dressed up as a redneck.....duh.

Here is Kipper with her BFF Savvy (my parent's border collie).  Savvy was not to fond of Kipper at first, partly because she is a very antisocial dog (we think she's autistic).  But Kipper has grown on her and they are now great pals!

   Oh, I forgot to mention Kipper's favorite activity.  She loves to tear apart stuffed animals.  No,no.  Totally anihilate stuffed animals.  I like to call it "surgery" but it is more like mass carnage.  Oh well, I love her despite her faults!

BTW, the movie quote is from Forrest Gump but you should have already known that ;)

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