Thursday, November 18, 2010

More to love about Zachary

Just because I didn't feel like my first list was complete...

6. He respects me and takes genuine interest in the things I love.  Since we started dating Zach has shown that he will do pretty much anything to make me happy.  This involves sacrificing his time to watch me ride horses at the barn, help me bake cookies, go on long walks with me and our dog, etc.  How sexy is that!?

7. He is pure redneck.  Seriously, the man owns 3 cars and one of them is sitting in pieces at his grandparent's farm!  Plus he has a southern accent that is adorable!

8. He is creative and is an excellent handyman.  He can draw, paint, build, and boy can he make a mean snowman!  He is also a chimney sweep.  Like the ones from Victorian era Great Britain.  Only with a Kentucky accent.

     9.  He is a great musician.  He plays guitar, trumpet, and piano.  Sometimes he sings to me over the  
          phone.  It melts my heart :)

    10.  He is just awesome.  Period.

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