Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Numero Uno:
Pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting!!!!!! 
Looking at my recent posts, it seems that all I blog about lately are carb-loaded desserts.  Hmmm. I will be continuing this trend when I share the recipe tomorrow.  My goal is to make you all fatties, muahahaha!

Numero Dos:
Jergens Natural Glow lotion.
I shamefully admit that I am using this product.  Before purchasing my wedding dress, I had planned to be one of those beautiful pale brides with dewy, translucent skin.  Then I tried on my dress and realized that it's beautiful shade of white was not making my pale skin look very dewy or translucent at all.  In fact it looked kind of gray.  So I decided that maybe a  slightly sunkissed tone would work better.
Now, I have used a tanning bed a couple times in my life and spent the entire time in a cold sweat for several reasons.  One I was afraid that the lid of the bed would never open again and I would be stuck in there forever, two I was afraid of being electrocuted, and three I was afraid of melonoma.  Now I could have gone the spray tan route and escaped these three horrific situations but right now I don't have the money for a spray tan.  Plus I am not to keen on getting the spray in my mouth or eyes.
Enter this lotion.  Relatively cheap with no risk of death by confinement in small spaces, electrocution, or cancer.  Yeah someday we will probably find out that it increases your chance of acquiring flesh eating Staph infections, but for now it is the best option to tan my colorless integument.

See this?  This is the normal color of my skin.  Cold, barren and white.  Minus all the trees and the cute little doggies.
Today I can happily say that my skin is slightly darker than on Monday when I started applying the lotion.  Of course, I could just be in denial.

Numero Tres:
Wedding shoes.
Yay for the blue converse that I will be wearing on the day of my wedding!  No heels for me thank you.  I want to be comfortable.  Also, I do not want to have to lean down to kiss my husband.......awkward.

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