Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Furnishing my (future) pad

Today I have been getting a lot of wedding prep done and this reminded me that soon I will have my very own home with Zach!

Being a person that plans waaaaaaay into the future,  I have already picked out some wonderful trinkets for said home.

This funky Paisleys Spoon Rest from Anthropologie would look great on my stove, even covered with food stains :)

The Arcadian Garden Rug from Anthropologie reminds me of an I Spy page.  "I Spy with my little eye, a dragonfly."

Hedgehogs are super cute, just like this Hedgehog Bottle Opener , also from Anthropologie.  Can you tell that I love this store?!  Too bad I'm broke.

For those of us with a little less money in our pockets, there is Ikea!  Looooove this dark gray couch.

Urban Outfitters also has some neat ecelectic stuff, like.........this pair of love bird salt shakers.

And these monkey door hangers.

Can't wait to start decorating!

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