Saturday, February 23, 2013


We have had a relaxing start to the weekend.  Sleeping late, painting the nursery, and friends over for dinner.
Here are some bookmarks to cap off a great Saturday!

I love me some Hawaiian rolls, and with this recipe I can make my own in the bread machine!

These are so cute! And support a great cause! They are also a great way to preserve a memory of a beloved pet.

If you loved fairy tales as a child, you will love this tumblr written for twenty-somethings.

This mommy shares some tips for other first time moms. Her blog is pretty awesome too!

Zachary and I are not sports fanatics so we did not watch the Superbowl this year. I did happen to check out a few of the commercials though. This commercial by Budweiser definitely tugged at my heart strings.....seriously, I was bawling. Also, this one about a farmer and this one by Jeep.

And finally,

My stomach belongs in Cincinnati. I could really go for a Kings Island smurf cone right about now!

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