Thursday, December 9, 2010

Loooooong way from home

Hello from sunny California.  Okay, so it hasn't been that sunny the past couple days but who cares?  No one in California obviously :)

I have been in San Jose since November 28th working as a nanny for my Aunt and Uncle who just moved out here.  My nanny-vacation has been great but busy, which is the reason for my long blogging hiatus.  I have lots of awesome pictures of all of my adventures but sadly do not have my camera accessories with me so I will have to post them when I get back to 'Nati.

Here are some things I have learned during this California adventure:

1. Do not book a flight between October and May that has a layover in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It snows there.  A lot.

2. Don't drive around an unfamiliar city with no directions, especially at night.

3.  If you are going to reside in California then you had better be willing to spend a lot of money on everything!  Seriously Californians, a carton of grape juice should not cost me 4 dollars when it only costs me a buck-fifty at home!

4.  Do not tell people you are from Ohio.  They will either give you sympathetic looks, proceed to ignore you, or ask you where Ohio is located.

5.  Don't respond to anything with "Oh that's gay".  You will instantly be surrounded by a lynch mob of homosexuals.

6.  This area is an organic foods/products paradise and I am loving every minute of it.

7.  You can be extremely quirky and eclectic, in fact you should be! 

8.  People out here care more about the environment, conservation, and well being.  I think this is awesome and I hope all of you peeps in the midwest start taking these things more seriously.

9.  Even though I love it here, I miss my home.

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