Thursday, February 7, 2013

Puppy Love Lost and Puppy Love Found

When Zach and I first moved down to Louisiana we talked about getting another dog.  Kipper had been in our lives for almost 2 years at that point and we wanted to find her a friend.  Apparently Zachary has always dreamed of owning a German Shepherd. So we did some searching and found a family that was looking for a home for their 4 month old German Shepherd puppy.  Thus Spock entered our lives.  From the get-go it was rough sailing.  Spock was a very sweet, friendly dog but was also extremely stubborn and disobedient.  We tried several different dog training methods but nothing seemed to work.  He soon became an outside dog and, due to our work schedules, neither Zach nor I could give him the time and attention/training that he required.  At this point it became evident that we needed to find him a better home.  We both felt extremely guilty, almost as if we had failed raising a child, but we knew that he needed a different living situation. Luckily we were able to find a couple that was looking for a companion dog for their Husky.  Now Spock has happily found his forever home and from the reports we hear, he is doing well and is very obedient (go figure!).

Two weeks after finding a home for Spock, we decided that we still wanted a second dog.  However, we decided that this time we should adopt a younger puppy from a shelter.

That's when I found Gunter.

 You know common theory of "love at first site"?  Well this was puppy love at first site!  Gunter has been a part of our family for 1 week and things are going  swimmingly (minus that occasional indoor potty mishap).

 Gunter is very sweet, cuddly and playful.  Kipper is experiencing some sibling rivalry but has been very good with the little puppy.  It is so cute when they play together!  Now our family includes two adorable fur-babies (with a not-so-furry baby on the way :).  I am of the opinion that every child should have a pet and I am very excited to watch Rory grow up with his two doggies!

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